Dune: Imperium- Rise of IX Expansion

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Conflict spreads across the Imperium in Dune: Imperium – Rise of Ix, the first expansion to the award-winning board game. Contents: CHOAM board overlay Ix board 4 Conflict cards 17 Intrigue cards 18 Tech tiles 4 Snooper tokens 35 Imperium Deck cards 6 Leaders 9 House Hagal cards 2 Rival reference cards 1 Freighter token disc 2 dreadnoughts 1 starting card Rules. Experience the new Epic game mode for a longer, high-stakes challenge. Let your fortunes ascend with the Rise of Ix.

• Enter the fray as one of three new Great Houses with exceptional leader abilities.
• Acquire technological innovations from the planet Ix for a lasting strategic advantage.
• Deploy fearsome dreadnoughts to rule the skies above Arrakis.
• Dispatch subtle infiltrators to outmaneuver your opponents.
• Dominate the Imperium in the new Epic game mode for a more intense, high-stakes challenge.

Players: 1-4

Playing Time: 60-120 Min

Age: 13+

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