Masters of the Night

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Players are members of a vampire clan slowly regaining their former power. With the help of their minions, they will fight against the agents of the Inquisition, cast fear into the hearts of the people with their hunts, and shape dread sigils in different city districts, all in preparation for the grand Blood Moon ritual that will confirm their grasp on the city and its fate. But beware, the longer they prepare for the ritual, the harder it will be to complete it. Enemies are searching for them constantly and when they find them, even vampire magic may not stop them!

Players must keep a compromise between using powerful blood-magic and keeping the Veil of Secrecy which protects them. The six available vampires with unique abilities to choose from, 9 city districts (and countless city configurations), 13 relics and 54 different event cards, variable difficulty levels make this game extremely re-playable.

1 Rulebook
2 Veil Trackers
6 Vampire Miniatures
6 Vampire Sheets
54 Event Cards
13 Relic Cards
10 Six-sided Dice
6 Vampire Tokens
6 Kill Count Markers
6 Dread Sigil Markers
22 Blood Tokens
1 Veil Marker
1 Leading Vampire Token
12 Agent Tokens
9 Minion Tokens

Ages: 13+
Players: 1-5
Game Length: 60-120 minutes

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