Sea of Clouds

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As captain of a flying pirate ship, recruit a cutthroat crew, collect relics, and unearth the best rum by gathering shares of Loot. Then send your pirates aboard enemy ships to plunder their treasure! In each round of the game, players take turns divvying up shares of Loot to gain Rum, Relics, Objects, and Pirates. In some rounds, when ships are flying close together, they will also clash in a Boarding action, using the effects of any Pirates they recruited to gain Doubloons and plunder Loot. The game ends after 12 (or 15) rounds. Players then add the value of their Doubloons and their Loot cards to determine the winner.

Sea of Clouds Board Game, by IELLO

  • For 2 to 4 players
  • Ages 10 and up
  • 40 minute playtime
  • Contents: 95 Loot cards, 80 Doubloons, 1 Ship token, 4 Captain boards, 1 Central board, 1 Parrot token, 1 Hat token, 1 rulebook, and 1 score book
  • Game has the Dice Tower Seal of Approval

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