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This Superfight 500-Card Core Deck is an easy to learn party game that all but guarantees a night of laughs. It is a hilarious card game based on fights between characters with superpowers and super problems. The Superfight Core Deck game consists of two decks. One deck contains 160 characters, such as: Zombie, Child Beauty Pageant Queen, Shark, George W. Bush. The other deck contains 340 powers and problems, such as: Inside a Giant Hamster Ball, Super Speed, Can Turn Invisible While Singing Showtunes, Armed with a Chainsaw. Players create fighters from these cards, then argue with one another over who would win in a fight. The Superfight 500-Card Core Deck has everything you need to get started.

Superfight Classic Card Game, by Skybound Games
  • Superfight card game for 2 or more players
  • 160 character cards
  • 340 power/problem cards
  • Players argue for who would win in a fight
  • "Fights" are resolved by a voting system, and the winning fighter is kept to take on challengers for a new round of argument and laughter
  • Excellent party game or a fantastic icebreaker or warm-up game on a board game night
  • Massive selection of expansions available (sold separately) to keep the experience fresh for veteran players

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