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In Tatamokatsu, players will have to be fast, agile, and ready to do
anything to win! Players roll the 3 dice with only one hand, announce
the sum out loud, then do the corresponding action. Depending on
the result, some players will lose the use of some of their fingers! They
must sharpen their reflexes because only the most valiant warrior can
claim the title of samurai!

Tatamokatsu is an original and hilarious party game to play with friends
everywhere from author Mektoub Studio and designer Odile Sageat.

• Tatamokatsu is a great party game guaranteed to
create good laughs.
• Practical Format: A small box and quick game play
make it perfect to take anywhere.
• Physical Fun: A game of dexterity and speed that
keeps everyone engaged.
• Easy to Learn: The easy-to-learn rules and game
play means anyone play!

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