Our belief is that every person has a game out there for them and our job is to help them find that game!


At Mana Merchant we have 4 core values that guide us on how we conduct business, and every interaction with our customers. 

Trust--We ensure that everyone’s experiences with our company is an experience that is valuable, genuine and authentic. 

Equality--We make everyone that engages us feels valued, included and respected. 

Accessibility--We are the game shop community that has exclusive content and products, yet is easily accessible and readily available to everyone.

Mindfulness--Our company is aware of its environment, virtually and literally. 


Background information

We are currently operating out of Omaha, NE and supply cards, games, and related merchandise to anyone that needs that temporary break from reality. I remember as a teenager, the refuge that my local comic book/game shop always provided.  We hope to develop our community and physically and virtually provide that same experience.