Chinese Checkers

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The timeless classic game of Chinese checkers is a cornerstone of any game collection, and this is the perfect set. Featuring a full colored game board and 60 brightly colored marbles, this set has everything you need for your next game night. For 2-6 players, ages 7 and up.

The object is simple enough in Chinese Checkers. Each player starts with 10 plastic marbles situated in the point of a star. During the game, players move their marbles across the board until they're all neatly settled in the opposite point. The fun comes in designing a strategy that allows marbles to move more than one space at a time. Clever players will position some of their marbles as jumping stations. With a good jump route, players can move marbles greater distances in a single turn. But they should be aware that the opposition can make use of the same route. As the game progresses, players will end up jumping their own marbles and any others that fall conveniently in their path. 

Game Contents:

  • Full Colored Game Board
  • 60 brightly colored marbles
  • Complete Instructions

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