Dark Souls: The Roleplaying Game -- Sir Alonne & Smelter Demon

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Although he served the Old Iron King for a time, little is known about the enigmatic Sir Alonne beyond his unsurpassed skill with a blade. Those who cross him should beware, else they find themselves cut to ribbons in an instant. The Smelter Demon is another mysterious figure; a mass of iron given life. It has none of Sir Alonne’s skill, but possesses brutishly inhumane strength.


Looking for a formidable challenge? Pit your party against a legendary swordsman and massive iron golem with the Sir Alonne & Smelter Demon mini boss box, created for DARK SOULS: The Roleplaying Game.


Inside this box is everything you need to add Sir Alonne and the Smelter Demon to your campaigns, with two highly detailed minis and two 5e-compatible stat cards.


Steamforged Games miniatures are sold unpainted and may require assembly.

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