Root: The Underworld Expansion

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I am Root! If you're new to Root, start with the core game. If you're ready for even more Root, this Underworld Expansion features even more woodland creatures bent on domination and even more ways to play. You do need the core game to play; this is an expansion only.

The asymmetric aspect of Root makes it a game unlike any we've played, and we have enjoyed the subsequent expansions and developments from the folks at Leder Games. The Underworld Expansion adds two new factions (Underground Duchy and the Corvid Conspiracy). And for even more bang for your buck, it adds a new board too! Play on the Mountain Map or Lake Map to keep Root fresh and interesting.

Like the core game Root, using this expansion works seamlessly over Zoom or other video conferences. Just set up a game board in each household and mirror each other's movements on the main board, while each player uses his or her player mat for their own sequences.

Why we chose this game for Board's Edge:
  • We love this game so much at Board's Edge Games that we established a weekly Root night
  • Unique - very few games have this style of game play and interaction
  • Competition - don't be shy
  • Strategy - brush up on your negotiating skills, a roll of the dice won't let you win this one!
  • Kickstarter cred - Root was a Kickstarter success, and several of its expansions and add-ons (including this one) have had successful Kickstarter campaigns too!
Selected Awards and Honors (for core game Root):
  • 4x Golden Geek Winner: Most Innovative Board Game, Board Game of the Year, Board Game Artwork & Presentation, and Thematic Board Game - 2018

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